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About Us

Love life!

Our brand, “iCIRROUND” is inspired from the word “SURROUND.” It symbolizes intimate relationship between latest technology and end-user. iCIRROUND’s goal is to create cloud and wireless environment to make consumer’s life simpler and more convenient.
Our core value, “Innovation Around You,” is to offer the highest quality products based on unique design ability with integrated App., software and hardware technology. By sharing happy moments to connect people around you, iCIRROUND  helps you relax anytime and spread the joy to the world.

Vision and sound are the two main ways by which we enjoy multimedia. iCIRROUND’s logo symbolises a set of intertwined eyes and ears, to project the importance of high quality sound and video in our products. The logo can also be interpreted as having the earth at its centre, symbolising wireless technology which is so important to today’s generation. iCIRROUND brings you products for wireless sharing, wirelessly enjoying sound, video, gaming and much more.

About Us

Founder and Chairman Kukoc Chen’s career spanned from D-Link, Genesis to MStar Semiconductors. General Manager- Eric Tai, Head R&D- Keng Chang and together with other colleagues also worked at MStar Semiconductors. They were collectively known as “The IT wizards,” building the foundation for engineering team at MStar. Engineer later turned as salesman- Kukoc Chen, achieved great success at MStar but still wanted to do bigger things. He thus selected a team of his best colleagues and started iCIRROUND in 2011. 

In today’s mobile world, where we like to share our every move, wireless technology is crucial. Tiva has thus far released a wide variety of products that have increased the mobility of the user and simplified his life. iCIRROUND products have so far included wireless multimedia devices, wireless flash drives, wireless presenting aids, wireless chargers, and more. iCIRROUND will continuously strive to further improve the quality, design, simplicity and innovation of its products, so the consumer can enjoy easy to use and high quality electronics.